Salon & Barbershop

Salon & Barbershop

#BanggaBisaBisnis Salon & Barbershop with Vireo


Merchants can organize the distribution of commissions to their staff based on the product/service unit sold and the value of the transaction.

Memberships & loyalty points

VIREO can read QR codes from membership cards created by merchants. Automatically records member data directly along with points and usage history.

The system can calculate how many accumulated points are accumulated when the customer makes a purchase, and the points are used when the customer uses (redeems) them.


You can attract customers by doing different types of promotions such as In the system

  1. Buy 1 get 1
  2. Discount with percentage / nominal rupiah
  3. Discounts with a certain minimum spend
  4. Other promotions for which we can offer solutions to the calculations registered in the system

Cash Recapitulation

Details of sales results and cash flows recapitulated according to existing finances to review every day